Best Raw Chicken For Dogs

Raw Chicken For Dogs

Raw Chicken For Dogs Is It Safe Or Not

Chicken bones do and can kill dogs. All bones, whether cooked or raw, can potentially violate teeth and obstruct or rip the throat, intestines and stomach. Raw bones have added dangers that concern both veterinarians and public-health officials: foodborne pathogens like salmonella.

Compounds like this are a threat not just to the animals eating the diets, but also for different pets and people from the family, especially for the very young, very old and immunosuppressed.

A few vets warn against uncooked poultry due to the chance of salmonella or other bacterial contamination. Because of this, cooked poultry is safer. However, a dog’s stomach acid is far more acidic than a human body, providing greater defense against germs.

To put it differently, you are taking a risk, and should you feed your pet raw poultry, keep your eye on the purchase date and make sure to serve it refreshing. As an extra precaution, it is ideal to wash the chicken before serving.

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