Boxer Dogs For Sale Near Me

Boxer Dogs For Sale Near Me

Why You Should Choose Boxer Dogs?

Males grow to approximately 25 inches and weigh from approximately 65 to 80 lbs (30 to 36 kilograms); females grow from approximately 21 to 25 inches and weigh from approximately 50 to 65 lbs (22 to 30 kilograms).

Among the Boxers’ most distinguishing attributes is its own love for kids. They’re a people oriented breed and want to have their bunch close by. Energetic and caring, the Boxer must get tons of exercise and lively interaction.

Boxers have imperial, clearly shaped square heads.

Their jaw is undershot along with the muzzle blunt. They’ve a wide, deep chest and a comparatively short, powerful back. Boxer’s ears fold over nature, but traditionally, their ears are cropped to stand erect. Their tails normally are docked and carried high. Their toes are streamlined and the feet are arched.

The Boxer’s ancestors had been the German Bullenbeisser (a puppy that descended from Mastiffs) along with the Bulldog. Its action was to grab and hold the victim until the hunters came. As time passes, Bullenbeissers dropped their tasks on estates and started to be employed by farmers and butchers to shield and drive cows. The Boxer we all know today was designed from the late 19th century.