Buy Deer Antlers For Dogs

Deer Antlers For Dogs

What Is Deer Antlers For Dogs And Where To Buy?

Pet Expertise’s antler chews visit your dog by means of organic shedding or out of deer and elk which were hunted by game hunters. The animals aren’t hunted only because of their antlers, needless to say! We’ve discovered that dogs prefer gum antlers which are new, not glowing white and fragile.

Antlers change in shade in the grayish beige to nearly white. The contour can be direct to branched, thin or thick. At the middle of this antler is just a softer portion that’s tastier to puppies and is comparable to marrow. Several antlers are heavier than many others also and you will realize your dog chews one antler quicker than some other one. This edition from antler chews makes it perfect to present your dog a few, as they’ll be like distinct chews to your puppy.

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