Dog Has Dry Skin And Hair Loss

July 24, 2017 0 By Brad S.
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Dog Has Dry Skin

Why Dog Has Dry Skin And Hair Loss And How To Treat

The most apparent symptom shown by a dog with a sterile skin will be itchiness. A puppy with dry skin can scratch, lick, or sting — sometimes to the point of causing harm. A puppy with dry skin may also rub up against furniture to attempt and ease their itchiness.

Bites from parasites may irritate your pet’s skin, and a few dogs may have an allergic reaction to the parasite’s saliva. Excessive biting and scratching will be the principal symptoms, as well as fleas, you might observe a particular focus on the tail and back region. With fleas, you might notice dandruff and scaly skin, and ear infections may cause your dog to shake their head. With mange, you may often see hair loss, sores, and scabs.

Anti-parasitic shampoos, dips, and on-the-spot products might help eliminate parasites and alleviate irritation. First rid your house of the infestation, ask your vet about starting your pet on a remedy to prevent future issues.

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