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Useful information and treatment about Cushing’s Disease Dog

Cushing's Disease Dog

What you should know about Cushing’s Disease Dog

There are lots of causes of Cushing’s Disease in puppies, although all relate to the human body’s overproduction of cortisol. Cortisol is generated and kept from the adrenal glands, which can be along with their uterus.

Most cases of Cushing’s Disease dogs are brought on by a tiny benign tumor in the adrenal gland. This also results in the overproduction of particular hormones in the human body and this results in overproduction of cortisol.

In some instances, Cushing’s Disease is brought on by the overuse of steroids such as ailments like allergies.

Treatment is dependent on the kind of Cushing’s Disease that the dog has. Since the illness occurs in older pets, at times the choice was designed to provide no therapy except what will make the pet more comfortable. In other instances, surgery, chemotherapy or radiation could be used. Medicines like Lysodren, trilostane, ketaconazole, L-deprenyl, anipryl or even vitriol could be prescribed.