Information Rhode Island Dog Bite Law

Rhode Island Dog Bite Law

Information Rhode Island Dog Bite Law

Dog bite Legislation in Rhode Island. Every state has its own laws concerning civil liability following a severe dog bite. In Rhode Island, the legislation applies strict liability to a puppy owner after their dog injures somebody else. If her or his dog bit someone and hurt them, the proprietor must pay reimbursement.

There’s one strange exception outlined from the Rhode Island Supreme Court: strict liability doesn’t apply when the assault happened inside the puppy’s “enclosure” In that circumstance, the victim has to demonstrate that the pet owner negligently permitted the harm to happen, which can be more challenging to perform.

On the flip side, if the puppy has hurt someone earlier, the following victim might be eligible to double reimbursement.

To maintain the owner of a dangerous pet accountable for the injuries, it’s crucial to be certain you’ve got a skilled personal injury lawyer representing you.