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Premium Edge Dog Food

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The Main Point
Inspired by its own ingredients, Premium Edge Dog Food appears to be an above-average dry item.
But ingredient quality alone may not tell the entire story. We have to gauge that the item’s meat material prior to deciding on a last evaluation.

The dash shows a dry thing protein studying of 29 percent, a fat amount of 17 percent and estimated carbs of approximately 46 percent.

As a team, the newest comprises a normal protein content of 30 percent along with an average fat degree of 15 percent. Collectively, these statistics indicate a carbohydrate material of 47 percent to the general product lineup.
And also a fat-to-protein ratio of approximately 49 percent.

Near-average protein. Near-average fat. And near-average carbohydrates compared to your standard dry dog foods.
Even once you think about the protein-boosting impact of this peas and flaxseed, this resembles the profile of a kibble comprising a moderate quantity of meat.

Bottom line?
Premium Edge is a wholesome dry dog food utilizing a moderate quantity of termed meats because its most important sources of animal protein, hence making the newest 4 stars.
Highly advised.

Please be aware sure recipes are occasionally granted a lower or higher score based upon our estimate of the total meat material and (if appropriate) their own fat-to-protein ratios.

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