Review Rescue Dogs Mn

Rescue Dogs Mn

A Short Review Rescue Dogs Mn

Juan is a stunning shepherd combination with gray, brown and brown color. He’s about 1 year old and has plenty of energy, such as a 60 pound pup. Juan did have no ways when he came into foster care and has come quite a ways. He’s gotten better about jumping up on people to greet them when given the acceptable, he’ll provide you that hug you have been desiring. He knows basic commands and will be excited to find out more.

He’ll likely do fine as an only dog also with opportunities for play and socialization. Juan does well in the dog park and he’s making good strides with remembering. At the moment he loves completely fenced dog parks since he likes to conduct up to most of the folks in the park to encircle them. He’s made advancements together with leash walking and certainly will require more training with ways to develop into the fantastic dog he desperately wishes to be.

Juan is desperate to be loved and to love his man and he’ll be a wonderful dog for quite a blessed individual.

Juan has allergies and is currently on a daily drug that runs around $60/month. The medicine helps handle his itch where he will find a skin disease or even on drugs. This will have to be repeated during his lifetime. But trust me, he is well worth it! This sweet boy is indeed filled with love.