The Worst Dog Treat Companies

Dog Treat Companies

The Worst Dog Treat Companies

Dog bites play a valuable role in our dog’s daily life. Many non-toxic dog treats will include wheat or corn at the first few ingredients. Dog owner’s want to be conscious of the high carbohydrates those treats may comprise. Over-feeding could lead to weight gain or alternative health troubles. So what is the worst puppy treats? Dog Treat Companies.

Having a look at the ingredient listing we’ll locate wheat berry as the #1 ingredient in Ol’ Roy Beef Basted Biscuits. Meat & Bone Meal, the 2 component, is a concentrative protein out of animal rendering. The leftover residue is a top protein powder.

Alas, lots of low-end brands don’t say the true animal that’s rendered. Consider that for another… It may be ANY creature. Higher-end dog treats normally say the animal used in meat & bone meal. Salt, artificial colors, and flavoring can be found within this non-toxic brand. Dog Treat Companies.

The components below in red are components to prevent. By way of instance, you notice wheat and also you think..ah wheat is great. No, it is not! The taste for flours is gluten-free. Throw Glyphosate in with this and you’ve got a recipe for the tragedy of cancer and bad health.

These are filled with GMOs and although a great deal of wheat does not we know of, it’s still processed in exactly the exact same mill as soy and corn and might contain traces. All our plants are being sprayed using all the poisonous cancer-causing pesticide named Glyphosate (Roundup). ALL corn in the USA is GMO corn in addition to soy. Potatoes when large heated are carcinogenic. These break down to glucose also and lead to cancer and obesity. Dog Treat Companies.

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