Westminister Dog Show

Westminister Dog Show

Concerning the Westminster Dog Show

The Westminster Dog Show is held over two weeks each February in Madison Square Garden in New York.

Highest position dogs are those believed to be nearest to the perfect embodiment of the strain. Judges are considered experts of more puppy breeds.
They analyze each dog general look and temperament, in addition to, details such as ears, eyes, sting, tail and gait.

These are the guideline for the Westminister Dog Show

  • All puppy participants have to be registered with the AKC and all have to make their Breed Championship before looking at Westminster.
  • A max of 2500 dogs is allowed to compete. Annually, enrollment closes on a predetermined date in December, or earlier if the maximum is attained.
  • Westminster is a benched show, meaning every participating dog must be in an assigned place during specified hours. The sole exceptions are if the puppy has been ready for showing has been transported for the purposes of showing or benching.
  • Section of the Westminster Dog Show also contains a Junior Showmanship Competition that provides scholarship awards to junior handlers.