Where To Find Bed Bug Dog For Sale

Bed Bug Dog For Sale

Where To Find Bed Bug Dog For Sale

We are very pleased with our bed insect dogs. However, our dogs have been trained to discover one, white, workable bed insect butter camouflaged in the form of a bed mattress. They’re educated to totally dismiss dead bugs. Our puppies are incredibly good at what they do, however, we can not take all of the credit. God created their strong olfactory perceptions; we simply channel that inborn power into sniffing out and finding these disgusting, pesky critters.

Since we understand our dogs can find bed bugs, even when a customer asks us to re-train a puppy to discover another odor, like truffles, narcotics, or perhaps individual remains, we are aware that the puppy will efficiently discover the origin of the instant odor, because it’s usually more powerful than that of a bed bug.

Our method of coaching bed insect puppies differs from other trainers. We are not saying these other guys are incorrect; we just believe our way is much more efficient–and more interesting. Whereas other bed insect dogs have been trained to move gradually through an area or other surroundings, systematically sniffing out each place the handler rolls (Boring!) Neither dog handler have an opportunity to become bored with this sort of quick-action work. In addition, we discover that this way is much more cost effective for pest management canine handlers that are on the clock and also will need to get through plenty of rooms as promptly as possible.

Yep, our puppies will help save you money and time, and that is almost always a great thing. Frequently our puppies can smell a mattress bug in the door of a space. Others are going to detect that the bugs quite soon after going into the room. Two fast passes through a hotel-sized space are enough for our dogs to find (or not find, as the case may be) any potential bed bugs.